Zelda, Metroid, Okami and More References You May Have Missed in Kong: Skull Island

The director behind Kong: Skull Island has a couple of sly references that the team behind the film slid into the narrative that movie-goers may have missed, according to Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film’s director decided to put his love of gaming into the Kong movie and for many, these nostalgic nods are something that we definitely don’t want to overlook. So what kind of hidden praises to the classics could we have missed? The director gracefully filled fans in on his social media account.

The Twitter posts that follow showcase some of these references to games such as Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and more. There were also a few subtle Gundam nods, as well. Check them out in the social media posts below:

As a huge fan of Okami myself, I am so sad to see the creature above ended up not making the cut! The references were subtle but now sort of glaringly obvious with them all laid out like that. Touche’, Vogt-Roberts, touche’.

With how many video game references he managed to slide into production, it should be no surprise that Roberts will be heading another film inspired by gaming. Though no concrete information is known at this time, a Metal Gear Solid movie is in the works with the Kong director at the helm. He’s got the passion for it, it’ll be interesting to see what will become of this fabled Metal Gear movie as more roles are solidified.

Were there any other video game references still hidden that he didn’t share with fans? Did you catch one not listed? Don’t hold back, share the wealth and tell us your discoveries in the comment section below. Don’t forget to also follow DFTG on Twitter for all things gaming and entertainment with our 24 hour newsfeed!

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