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Metroid Dread

Over a decade after the original project was cut short, Metroid Dread has finally been given new life on the Nintendo Switch and the title’s modern debut has appeared to be nothing short of a miracle for fans of the series. Adopting the series’ traditional 2D gameplay and developed by Samus Returns studio MercurySteam, Samus Aran’s thrill-filled new adventure looks to offer a modern evolution of the action-platformer genre, complete with terrifying new enemies, updated gameplay, and an epic conclusion to the iconic heroine’s story so far.

While everything shown off about the sci-fi adventure has suggested another solid title from MercurySteam, what have the critics actually been saying about the release of Metroid Dread? Well, according to emerging reviews, the atmospherically tense and challengingly-designed experience more than delivers on the Metroid name and acts as a worthy follow-up to MercurySteam’s acclaimed previous effort. Some outlets’ positivity has even likened Dread to the series’ most classic entries, while others still cast the new Metroid slightly in their shadows.

  • IGN – 90/100

“A surprise sequel after nearly 20 years, Metroid Dread brings back the legendary exploration and progression and merges it with excellent modern combat and some of the best boss fights ever.”

  • Kotaku – “Dread Really Goes For It”

“I’m glad that Dread really goes for it, that it wants to make you feel hunted and disadvantaged and that it’s willing to feel hostile in order to accomplish that. The result is a feeling that survival itself is a reward more meaningful than all the upgrades in the world, a feeling I rarely get from games anymore. But ZDR never captivated me the way previous Metroid settings have, and as a conclusion to the story arc, Dread seems to misunderstand what made the early chapters resonate. Samus is wonderful, a survivor, an icon, and she endures. But when I think back on my time with her over the past several decades, Dread will forever dwell in the shadows of my favorite Metroid memories.”

“Metroid Dread is a triumphant return for both Samus Aran and developer MercurySteam. This is a super-slick, hugely entertaining and exquisitely designed entry in the Metroid franchise that plays better than anything we’ve seen from the series so far. With a bunch of fantastic new abilities, super tense and enjoyable stealth sections, plenty of great big boss fights and a story that fans will definitely enjoy, we can’t really see how this one could have been any better. Best Metroid game ever? This could be the one.”
  • Polygon – “The Metroid Game I’ve Been Waiting For”

“Dread reimagines the Metroid format with confidence and care, and it trusts the player to make leaps along the way. While following its interwoven path of epic boss fights, satisfying upgrades, and otherworldly environments, all I could think was that this is the Metroid game I’ve been waiting for. It easily stands astride the best entries in the series, and I eagerly await a follow-up in the year 2040.”

“Metroid Dread is likely to give those that have been counting down the days to its release exactly what they want: a thrilling experience in line with what they loved about past games. There are original ideas here – but they’re better considered as evolutions of what came before rather than anything groundbreaking. There’s stumbles here and there with the difficulty and progression signposting, but all of that feels very Metroid. Dread is no Super Metroid, but that game is a stone-cold all-timer. Putting that game aside, Dread is up to the series standard, and is well worth a look.”

Metroid Dread is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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