Mega Man Pixel Tactics is a Go – Kickstarter Successful (VIDEO)

Once again, a Kickstarter project has successfully funded a fantastic looking title for gamers across the world. Its name? Mega Man Pixel Tactics, a tabletop card game that looks astoundingly fun for everyone.

Mega Man Pixel Tactics

The Kickstarter project has already far exceeded its pledge cap of $20,000 after just three days of campaigning. It’s looking to be an incredibly hot item for the holiday season, so if this is something you’re definitely interested in getting for yourself, back it now and help continue to build the game’s funding. The developers haven’t closed down the page yet, and it’s a great way to secure yourself a copy and help make this game better than ever. The more you fund, the more you get out of your future gaming experience.

Mega Man Pixel Tactics

If you don’t know what Pixel Tactics is, the title is a two-player tactical strategy game where you are given a deck of 25 identical cards. Each player chooses a leader for their team, which can vastly change the game’s play depending on that card’s ability to alter the card holder’s entire deck. This can make the game as intense as you want it to be. Once you choose your players, you battle it out, dealing cards that have either specific offensive, or defensive attacks, and you fight your way to glory until your opponent’s leader is defeated. It’s a great game for small parties, and a fun way to pass the time with your closest friends. If you’re still stumped as to what Pixel Tactics is about, check out the video below to see what the deal is and get excited:

Pixel Tactics is an incredible board game for fans of table top night, and if you grew up loving Mega Man, there is no better way to combine these two popular titles in one. Jasco Games is just as excited about the reveal of Mega Man Pixel Tactics as we are, so if you’re looking to share in the joy of its creation with the developers, you can check out their launch party video here to see all the fun that’s in store for this game. If table top games are the real deal for you, take a look at these articles on the Labyrinth board game, and Skyrim Monopoly to keep those shelves stocked with your favorites.

What do you think of this upcoming title? Are you a Pixel Tactics or Mega Man fan? Will you be picking up this game for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and game on!


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