Okami Sequel Seemingly Confirmed By Original Creators

Okami Sequel Seemingly Confirmed By Original Creators (VIDEO)

Even after more than a decade, Okami has proven to be an exceptionally memorable experience, the game’s distinct Japanese imagery, gameplay, and lore crafting an adventure that players can’t help…

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Okami Pop-Up Cafe In Tokyo Brushes Up Themed Food And Drinks

Okami Pop-Up Cafe In Tokyo Brushes Up Themed Food And Drinks

A quick glance at review aggregates and best games lists online tend to agree that Capcom’s Okami is one of the best titles of the 21st century. The combination of…

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Official Okami VInyl Box Set Revealed

Official Okami Vinyl Box Set Revealed, Now Available For Pre-Order

Many gamers, when asked, would very quickly list Capcom’s ‘Okami’ as one of their favorite video games of all time, and for good reason: the blend of its unique art…

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Capcom On Nintendo Switch: Wants Never-Before-On Nintendo IPs On The New Console

Capcom, like many developers, are growing warmer and warmer to the idea of the hybrid console; the Nintendo Switch. With more third party support than ever before, and record sales…

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Okami’s Amaterasu Could Be Coming To DOTA 2, But Only With Your Help

The beautiful remaster of Okami is almost here, bringing the wondrously unique narrative to this generation from its PlayStation 2 roots. With the classic game once again in the spotlight,…

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Gorgeous New Okami HD Trailers Released For Kasugami, Moegami, and Orochi (VIDEO)

The arrival of Okami HD is nigh, and Capcom wanted to make sure fans were on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Three new gorgeous Okami HD trailers were…

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Okami HD Releases New Videos And Screenshots For Upcoming Release On All Platforms (VIDEO)

The upcoming re-release of the hugely beloved Okami title draws near and to celebrate, Capcom has released a ton of new screenshots and a new video to get fans hyped….

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Okami HD trailers

New Okami HD Trailers Highlight The Game’s Beautiful Remastered Visuals (VIDEO)

Anticipation for Capcom’s remastered Okami grows as we are now just a month away from its release. After being released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006, the title has garnered…

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Okami HD Could Be Coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One This Year!

Okami is a critically acclaimed narrative that first made its appearance back in 2006 for the PlayStation 2. The universally hailed title also became available for the Wii and PlayStation…

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Hideki Kamiya

Video Game Director Hideki Kamiya Talks Scalebound Cancellation and Future Endeavors

Awhile back, Microsoft and Platinum Games announced the cancellation of the long-awaited action RPG Scalebound. The game was being led by world renown video game director Hideki Kamiya, who is responsible for…

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