XCOM 2 Crossover with Overwatch Created with Character Creation Tool (GALLERY)

Overwatch has effectively taken over the gaming world in many respects. Not only has it gained a Game of the Year Award, but the popularity of the title has grown tremendously since its release in May 2016. In a few months, Blizzard may very well celebrate the first anniversary. This first person shooter isn’t the only game some players enjoy. Take Redditor DaveBlackrose, for example. Obviously a fan of Overwatch, they also enjoy some XCOM 2. Effectively deciding to put the latter game’s character creation tool to good use by creating an XCOM 2 crossover with Overwatch.

DaveBlackrose even tested each character out, some more than others depending on where they were in the campaign. Having only bought the game a couple weeks prior, it’s amazing what has been accomplished! Complete with stats and soldier abilities, check out the gallery below:

While the XCOM 2 crossover fared well, some characters carried over better than others. After all, the character creation tool can only go so far. Notably, Ana, Soldier 76, and Pharah is going to be as accurate as it gets, in regards to looks. Some abilities in XCOM to come close to the Overwatch ones, as well. Sombra even gets her hacking ability down-pat. “God tier hacker, and very nice damage. And [sic] that’s kind of it really. More of an all terrain unit than anything,” said DaveBlackrose. Others, like Widowmaker, has ‘squadsight’ and Zarya with her ‘launch grenade.’

There’s no word on anymore custom character creations happening, yet. There are a total of 23 Overwatch heroes, and only 12 present in DaveBlackrose’s repertoire. Stay tuned with DFTG, just in case!

What do you think of the XCOM 2 crossover with Overwatch? Will you be giving the character creation a try for yourself? What are your thoughts on DaveBlackrose’s take? Let us know in the comments section below – we would love to hear from you!

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