Civilization VI Releases Battle Royale Mode “Red Death” (VIDEO)

Civilization VI has been out a few years but is still going strong. Firaxis has routinely issued balance patches and updates that have kept players very happy. The game also…

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XCOM 2: Firaxis Celebrates Anniversary With Tactical Legacy Pack DLC (VIDEO)

Firaxis is all about celebrating the player base and the support they’ve received over the years, which is why they’ve announced a brand new DLC for XCOM 2. As a…

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XCOM And Civilization Developer Working On Brand New IP

From the same folks that developed the XCOM and Civilization series, Firaxis is excitedly developing their new brand new IP. As a studio recognized for their stable and consistent quality…

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This XCOM 2 Mod Brings Overwatch’s Mercy Into War of the Chosen – Check it Out!

A lot of praise has been heard from fans of the latest expansion for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. It seems that everyone has something nice to say about…

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New Civilization 6 DLC Nubia Coming Soon – Here is the Low Down (VIDEO)

The next playable civilization has been revealed by 2K and Firaxis for the game Civilization 6. It will be called Nubia and is led by Queen Amanitore. The new DLC…

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Meet ‘The Lost’ in Latest XCOM 2 DLC Gameplay Video for War of the Chosen (VIDEO)

The latest XCOM 2 DLC is almost here and to get players amped up for the latest expansion, Firaxis, the developer, has recently released a brand new gameplay video to…

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Alexander the Great Set to Conquer Civilization 6 in New Civ DLC – Watch the Trailer Here (VIDEO)

Firaxis has just announced the next Civ DLC coming to Sid Meier’s Civilization 6. Arriving on the heels of their Persia announcement is the new civilization of Macedonia. Plenty of new…

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XCOM 2 Crossover with Overwatch Created with Character Creation Tool (GALLERY)

Overwatch has effectively taken over the gaming world in many respects. Not only has it gained a Game of the Year Award, but the popularity of the title has grown…

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Civilization 6 Gets Massive Overhaul Update and First Two DLC Packs

With Civilization 6 being the dominating strategy game of the season, we’ve all been wondering when the first DLC would be coming out and it looks like our prayers have…

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Civilization 6: The World Goes to Hex – Full Game Review

The long awaited sequel to Civilization 5 came out on October 21st and I’ve finally gotten enough hands-on play time to see all of the ways in which it shines, and…

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