Chnano RGB Gloves are the Next Fad in Gaming… Maybe

RGB gloves

RGB products are becoming all the rage with consumers in this day and age, and it’s no surprise to see why: the sparkling lights catch the eye and make every day objects in a boring working life look just that much cooler. RGB lights have been utilized in quite a few different ways over the past year, including keyboards, mouse pads, mice… anything remotely electronic in a movement that surely should have passed over time. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, as now shoes and gloves are even equipped with these fantastical little lights. So the thought is: if these same little lights can be found in both computer components and our favorite winter wear, does this mean these brand new Chnano RGB gloves are going to become the next big gaming phenomenon of the 21st century?

RGB Gloves

Well… probably not. While it’s a possibility that we might see these RGB gloves being utilized in the gaming world at some point, kind of like the ancient Nintendo Powerglove, at this point in time there has been no movement to actually implement a gaming function into them. They’re just light-up gloves. Techreport even did a review on them for the purposes of gaming and discovered that the functionality of a mouse and keyboard took a hit while the player was wearing them:

We tested the gloves in conjunction with a mechanical keyboard with Kailh switches and found no performance benefit to having lights on our fingers. Key feel was diminished by the cushioning of the fabric material, and typing accuracy was slightly reduced due to the increase of effective individual finger thickness.

The RGB gloves also failed pretty spectacularly with controller and touch screen function:

The gloves were unsuitable for gaming because the fabric was somewhat slippery against the game controller, and gamepads without rubber inserts repeatedly slipped from our hands. The gloves do not feature fingertip inserts for compatibility with capacitive touchscreens, so gaming on a smartphone or tablet is almost impossible, besides titles that rely on gyroscopic input.

RGB Gloves

All in all, these particular gloves don’t have a functional use with video games just yet, but we’re not saying don’t go out and buy them. They still look like a pretty cool way to light up your walk home in the snow, or shred on the dancefloor at a local rave, if that’s your style. You can buy them on Amazon for about $9, or if you’re a little more budget conscious, BonBon has a pair for $7.

In the meantime, you can still pick up some pretty neat technology this year even if they aren’t magical, light-up gloves. If you’re in the market to add to your collection, make sure you check out this latest article on the Nintendo Switch and preorder your console today!

So what do you think of these particular gloves? Do you like the way they sparkle in the night? Do you believe that  RGB gloves will eventually make their way into the compatible playing field of video games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!


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