Xbox Deep Pink Wireless Controller Now Available

Xbox Deep Pink Controller

It may be hard for newer gamers to fathom, but video game console makers used to make numerous types of styles of their controllers available, especially in different colors. Veteran gamers may remember the days when Sony would make the DualShock controllers available in several colors, or when Nintendo would let fans take a peek inside their favorite hardware with transparent versions of the devices. Microsoft has done a decent job of keeping customization of controllers alive, with their Xbox Design Lab letting fans make customized controllers in numerous shades. Now, they have unveiled their new Xbox Deep Pink wireless controller.

Microsoft updated its official Xbox store website with a listing for the new Xbox Deep Pink wireless controller. Just in time for children to adhere to societal gender coding and obtain a gift for their gamer mothers for this past weekend’s Mother’s Day, Microsoft has released a new color variant of their Xbox controller perfect for the occasion. The dark shade of pink is referred to as “Deep Pink”, which matches the color of one of their rival’s biggest mascots, Kirby. The wireless controller is made to already be compatible with the Xbox One, One X, Xbox Series X, Series S, PC, and even mobile devices as well.

Xbox Deep Pink Controller

The Xbox Deep Pink controller is available now for purchase for $64.99 USD on the online Xbox store in the United States and Canada. Sadly, fans in other territories will have to wait to get their hands on this aggressively pink controller, though the aforementioned Xbox Design Lab may help get them fairly close to this design, if they so choose. Fans waiting for this particular shade should get their hands on this controller right away so they can immediately get Dorito cheese dust and Mountain Dew stains on it.

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