Xbox Produced Significantly More Series X Units Than Series S

Xbox Produced Significantly More Series X Units Than Series S

Microsoft and Sony both had a lot of data crunching to do to determine how many of their next-gen consoles to produce for this Holiday season. Such planning gets substantially…

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Bethesda Microsoft

Future Bethesda Titles Will Be First Or Best On Xbox, Says Microsoft

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks was a major move for the company. However, it opened the door for fans to question what might happen once these…

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Xbox Series X/S Is "Biggest Launch in Xbox History"

Xbox Series X/S Is “Largest Launch in Xbox History”

The folks over at Microsoft have a whole lot to celebrate. While the Xbox Series X/S didn’t sell out quite as quickly as the PlayStation 5 when factoring in pre-orders,…

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Rocket League

Rocket League PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S Enhancements Revealed

Since going free-to-play earlier this year, Rocket League has been flooded with numerous new players hoping to score their way to victory. With the recent release of Sony’s PlayStation 5…

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Xbox Series X/S Launch

Every Xbox Series X/S Launch Title Confirmed (VIDEO)

In the last few years, Xbox has been slowly manifesting into an innovative gamer-centric platform with the advent of services like Xbox Game Pass, the game-streaming xCloud, as well as multi-generation…

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Xbox Series X S Streaming Apps HBO Max

Xbox Series X/S Streaming Apps Revealed, Apple TV And HBO Max Included

There are only days remaining before the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X see their release following numerous months of marketing and several years’ worth of fan expectations. While both…

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Fortnite Next-Gen Upgrades PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X S

Fortnite Next-Gen Upgrades Revealed For PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X (VIDEO)

The arrival of next-gen consoles nearly upon us and as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/Series S each feature their own unique and formidable strengths, numerous games have been…

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Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility

Xbox Series X/S Backward Compatibility Won’t Support Kinect Titles

While the launch of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X (and Series S) is aimed at ushering a brand-new SSD-boosted era of gaming, the console is also paying tribute to the…

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Halo Master Chief Collection

Halo Master Chief Collection Will Be Optimized For Xbox Series X/S

With the launch of the next generation of console gaming just around the corner, many people are getting excited. When it comes to Xbox Series X/S, however, players question which…

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Xbox Series X Tactile

Xbox Series X Tactile Indicators Will Aid The Visually Impaired

While gamers with disabilities have historically been fairly overlooked for most of the video game industry’s history, the past generation of gaming has helped make these marginalized players better equipped…

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