Xbox Boss Opens Up About Future Of Gaming Ahead Of E3

Xbox boss

With E3 at the door, fans have a lot on their minds when it comes to gaming. Aside from the anticipated titles showcasing at the convention, fans are also curious about what gaming companies have in store for the future. Xbox boss Phil Spencer opened up about just that in a recent interview with Variety, touching on what the future of video games might look like.

The Xboss noted that as new generations approach, gaming will continue to evolve from what we’ve previously seen, likely in surprising ways. His comments definitely show someone not only passionate about gaming, but also in tune with the industry. Here is what Spencer had to say about future generations:

Our focus right now is asking the question, ‘What can Microsoft do for gaming?’ instead of simply how to stack up against the competition. […] I care less that people play Minecraft on an Xbox One, but that people can play Minecraft no matter what console or device they have in front of them. Regarding your specific question about console generations, this is why I still see games themselves evolving beyond generations, and I’d like to keep evolving hardware as multi-generational too.”

Spencer also noted that Microsoft has a specific outline when looking at the present and future. According to the Xbox boss, they focus on three “key areas:” content, cloud, and community. This, he states, allows the company to make quality games with better access and an improved experience overall. He also expressed that he would like to see multi-generational hardware as well. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, also present at the interview, chimed in with this:

I think we will see another [console] generation, but there is a good chance that step-by-step we will see less and less hardware. […] There will be one more console generation and then after that, we will be streaming, all of us.”

This definitely leaves an optimistic picture of the future painted by the Xbox boss. Meanwhile, Microsoft has big plans for E3 and there will be plenty of surprises in store for fans. One thing is for sure, the suspense is definitely killing those waiting for the big day.

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