‘Totally Accurate Battlegrounds’ Free For First 100 Hours

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, or TABG for short, from developer Landfall is free to download for its first 100 hours. The game launched on Steam around 48 hours ago, so the window is already half-closed for battle royale fans. While PUBG and Fortnite duke it out for our dollars (and in the courtroom), TABG stands as a loving, ridiculous tribute to the genre that captured the world’s attention.

TABG is the third April Fool’s joke game from Landfall. Two years ago, they made Supertruck, a combination of Superhot and their game Clustertruck. They followed that title up with TABZ, a mix of DAY-Z and their own release Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. The team felt compelled to bring the game to light after the strong reception for their previous April Fool’s games.

As one might expect, TABG clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. Characters have googly eyes rather than well defined features. Oversized pans make short work of baddies. Overpowered rifles knock snipers back a few feet. Skydiving doesn’t require parachutes. The lightheartedness of Fortnite looks buttoned up compared to this game. The devs describe the title as having “Physics based EVERYTHING,” which is simultaneously every FPS fan’s dream and nightmare.

Just because TABG started as a joke doesn’t mean that it lacks polish. From my limited gameplay, the controls feel fairly tight, and I had no problem notching a few kills. The servers are definitely less laggy than those of other battle royales, for what its worth. (The devs say networking issues were the reason for a June release rather than an April 1st one.) Clustertruck and TABS are both extremely fun games; even if this title started out as a joke, the developers definitely are not, and neither is the end product. Hilarious, but in all the right ways.

The developers say that the price will rise to $4.99 after the first 100 hours to keep the game and its servers up to date. If you want this game for free, make sure you download it within the next two days.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is available on Steam. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on this title on Twitter (after following us, of course)!

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