World of Warcraft’s True Faction War May Not Be Horde Vs. Alliance, But Horde Vs. Horde

Battle for Azeroth

As World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion grows closer, Blizzard urges fans to root for their respective factions now more than ever. However as grueling as the Horde vs. Alliance Faction War is, there’s another war being waged within the WoW community that grows more ugly and heated than any other, the war within the Horde.

Throughout World of Warcraft’s lifetime the Horde has been depicted as various groups of outcasts and misfits who have survived various obstacles by bonding with each other and fighting together as a (dysfunctional) family. Within this uneasy coalition of beings is a wide variety of roles players can build around such as the Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls who have formed the closest thing to a United front for the Horde.

There are the Blood Elves and Nightborne, former magic users who walled themselves off from the world until circumstances forced them to forge outside alliances. And don’t forget the Forsaken who have openly stated to be disloyal to the rest of the Horde, biding their time until they can strike out at their enemies.


While this isn’t necessarily a problem on its own and fans could get behind the idea of a group of underdogs and outcasts banding together, there are some who feel somewhat different about the current state of the Horde. While many would not mind playing a faction striving for peace with the Alliance, there are other who feel that the Horde should be the bad guys, who joined the Horde in order to play the villain. Where some were horrified at Sylvanas Windrunner’s burning of the World Tree, many embraced the idea. Of course, this brings many fans to butt heads.

While in a recent livestream  Game Director Ion Hazzikostas explained that the developers see Azeroth as a “world of grey.” However the Horde certainly does seem to be portrayed as the bad guys in game and Hazzikostas did explain that there’s a lot of storytelling to be had down the road. Either way, the identity of the Horde will need to be re-evaluated in the future, and for some fans sooner would be better than later.

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