Westworld Xbox One Avatar Outfits Now Available For Free

Westworld Xbox

With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones still another year away, HBO viewers now have their attention focused on the second season of hit series Westworld. The new season premiered earlier this week, and the show has continued to mystify fans with its Sci-fi/Western infused world. The Westworld theme park in the show shares many similarities with video game tropes for its guests’ experiences, but the show has only had a few appearances in actual video games, such as their mobile game for instance. Now, Xbox One owners can celebrate their fandom with new Westworld Xbox One Avatar outfits.

Microsoft has released six new Westworld Xbox One Avatar outfits for free via their Xbox Avatar store. The cross-promotion was teased earlier this week on the official Xbox Twitter account with a video showing an Xbox One controller taking the place of the host in the Westworld logo. Two of the new avatar outfits complete this switch, as both male and female variants of the Drone Host bodysuits recently seen in the season 2 premiere are available for Xbox One avatars to wear. For those preferring to be on the human side, there are two new Westworld technician outfits also available for download, both in male and female versions.

The last two costumes celebrate two of the most iconic hosts from the show.  Avatars can now wear Teddy’s classic cowboy outfit and Dolores’s signature blue dress from the show. There’s no word yet if any other favorite characters, such as The Man in Black, will have costumes releasing any time soon. Still, these are pretty neat, and for the price of free, this is definitely a win for Xbox One owners. What do you guys think about these new Xbox One avatar outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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