Monster Hunter World Patch Fixes Kulve Taroth Quest Issues

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has taken the gaming universe by storm and the wildly popular title recently received a massive update that included a new monster and quest line. Kulve Taroth, an incredible dragon glittering with golden prizes, was the monster meant to be had in this latest update. Unbeknownst to players and developers, there was a bug that made the end of the quest line impossible.

Fans began reporting the Monster Hunter World quest line when they discovered that they could neither complete the challenge nor reap the rewards. Luckily for fans, Capcom got on top of it and have corrected the timeline issues and added in a few other fixes in as well. Here are the official Monster Hunter World patch notes from Capcom:

Kulve Taroth Quest Line:

  • Fixed a bug where the Kulve Taroth Siege quest line would not progress correctly under certain conditions (specifically: if you speak to the Admiral out in the field when participating in another player’s instance of the “A Wound and a Thirst” or similar quests, after having collected Kulve Taroth traces but BEFORE having spoken to him separately in Astera). Players who have encountered this bug already can return to Astera and speak with the Admiral, triggering the council scene, after which the Kulve Taroth Siege will become available.

Great Sword Wyvern Ignition “Impact”:

  • Fixed a bug where the great sword Wyvern Ignition “Impact” saw its fire elemental attack value unintentionally reduced to 240. The value has been reset to 510. The armor skill “Free Element/Ammo Up” is still a requirement for unlocking the fire elemental attack of this weapon.

First Wyverian Statistics:

  • Fixed some bugs in the data collection for the statistical summaries given to you by speaking to the First Wyverian (weapon usage, number of monsters slain, etc.). Data will be progressively reset starting on April 26. For the duration, the First Wyverian will not give out any statistical information, but this should not affect gameplay in any other way. Please note that the statistical data may be low in accuracy for a short time after the process has finished.

Cacpcom’s prompt response is bound to make a lot of Monster Hunter World fans happy and certainly goes a long way in getting potential fans on board. For those interested in playing, the game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and has a fall release date for PC. Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers for more Monster Hunter news!

Fans, how have you been enjoying the latest quest line? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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