YouTuber Searches For What’s Under The Nintendo Shy Guy Mask (VIDEO)

Shy Guy Mask

Nintendo Switch owners are still gushing over Super Mario Odyssey and its expansion of Mario’s universe. However, Mario fanatics can still find time to obsess over the big questions posed by Mario’s extensive lore. Is Mario still a plumber? Who is the mother of Bowser Jr.? Is Waluigi a naturally born being? Perhaps there is no bigger mystery in all of Super Mario games than just what lies underneath a Shy Guy mask? One YouTuber has been dead set on finding out the true face of the enigmatic Mario creatures, and has looked to the character’s history for hints.

YouTube user Shesez has looked at three different appearances of the Shy Guy throughout the Mario enemy’s history. The Shy Guy’s first appearance in a Mario game was in Super Mario Bros. 2, where the species’ design was taken from Doki Doki Panic, the game which was turned into Super Mario 2. The best look at the creature’s true face has been in Luigi’s Mansion, where ghostly versions of Shy Guy face off against Luigi and his Poltergust. The device pulls the Ghost Shy Guy’s mask off, revealing a pair of glowing eyes. Shesez does point out that this being a ghost may mean that this is not necessarily the physical true face of Shy Guy.

Shesez also refers to animations in Super Mario Strikers and Mario Power Tennis where Shy Guy’s mask falls off, but the face underneath is not seen by the player. However, changing the camera angles on these scenes reveal another mask underneath in the Strikers scene and nothing but Shy Guy’s belt continued around his face in the Power Tennis scene. It seems we still may never know the true face under the phantom’s facade. What do you guys think lies under the Shy Guy mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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