Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Introduces Animated Mario And Bowser

In recent years, Hollywood has seen a major influx of projects that aim to adapt video game franchises to film and television. The theatrical box office has seen a good…

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Super Mario Movie producer

Super Mario Movie Producer Praises Chris Pratt, Defends Casting Choice

Video game franchises seem to be popping up outside of the gaming world a lot these days, especially in the realms of television and film. The past year has shown…

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Super Mario Animated Movie

Super Mario Animated Movie Delayed By Universal Pictures

With theatrical movie releases steadily returning and finding success, it has been clear so far this year that video game movie adaptations will be a big part of that formula….

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Super Nintendo World US

Super Nintendo World US Universal Studios Opening Windows Revealed

As video games have become more and more culturally recognized, their expansion into other forms of entertainment have become more utilized. While the amusement park industry has taken a hit…

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Charlie Day

Charlie Day Wants To Star In Luigi’s Mansion Movie

Hollywood is full of video game adaptation projects these days, with one of the biggest for this year being the Super Mario Bros. animated movie being made by Universal Pictures…

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Seth Rogen Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen Donkey Kong Movie Rumored To Be In The Works

A quick glance at the television and film industry’s near future shows a big trend of adapting classic video game franchises for the big and small screens. The most recent…

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Super Mario Animated Movie Announced Featuring Chris Pratt As Mario

Super Mario Animated Movie Announced Featuring Chris Pratt As Mario

The latest Nintendo Direct has come and gone and, while a few of the announcements and game updates were expected, some of the reveals had some serious stopping power. One…

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Super Nintendo World USA

Super Nintendo World USA Merchandise Appears Way Ahead Of Opening

While the world’s theme park industry has struggled since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one bright spot for the industry has been the opening of the Super Nintendo World…

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Unopened Super Mario Bros.

Unopened Super Mario Bros. Sells For $2 Million, Most Expensive Ever Sold

As classic video games age like a fine wine, the scarcity of unopened copies of favorite games greatly increases their value. This has led to record-breaking sales of individual unopened…

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Elon Musk Wario

Elon Musk Was Wario In A Weird SNL Sketch (VIDEO)

As late-stage capitalism continues its growth in the industrialized west, the rise of prominent billionaires both financially and culturally has only increased in recent years. One such well-known billionaire is…

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