Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Introduces Animated Mario And Bowser

In recent years, Hollywood has seen a major influx of projects that aim to adapt video game franchises to film and television. The theatrical box office has seen a good…

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Super Mario Animated Movie

Super Mario Animated Movie Delayed By Universal Pictures

With theatrical movie releases steadily returning and finding success, it has been clear so far this year that video game movie adaptations will be a big part of that formula….

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Super Mario Movie Could Lead To More Nintendo Adaptations

Nintendo does quite a lot with the properties under its control, particularly with the core Super Mario Bros. franchise. From spin-off games to franchise crossovers like Super Smash Bros. or…

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Nintendo Execs

Nintendo Execs “Laughed Their Asses Off” When Microsoft Tried To Buy Them

Microsoft recently began a new chapter in their Xbox division’s story with the launch of the Xbox Series X. The new console unit is helping to ring in the original…

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Kanye West

Kanye West Wanted To Make A Video Game With Nintendo

The video game industry is known to have many great artistic visionaries in its ranks, with some of the most widely praised creative minds coming from Nintendo. With auteurs like…

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super nintendo world

Tour Super Nintendo World With Mario’s ‘Dad’ (VIDEO)

We’ve known about Super Nintendo World for a few years now, and the anticipation has been bubbling ever since! Many households around the world grew up on the Mario franchise,…

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Hideo Kojima Wanted To Make A Game That Reacted To The Player's Breath

Hideo Kojima Wanted To Make A Game That Reacted To The Player’s Breath

By now it is no secret that Hideo Kojima is, well, a little strange. His eccentricity has for the most part worked in his favor in the past, though sometimes…

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Super Mario Bros Movie

Super Mario Bros. Movie Slated For 2022 Release, Says Nintendo

2019 looks to be a promising year for video game fans who have wanted to see their favorite franchise hit the big screen. In May, Pokemon fans will finally see…

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Super Mario Movie Details Revealed, Shigeru Miyamoto Named Co-Producer

Nintendo has officially confirmed that a Super Mario movie is in the works and now we’ve got a little more info one what we can expect! Announced via the official…

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Shy Guy Mask

YouTuber Searches For What’s Under The Nintendo Shy Guy Mask (VIDEO)

Nintendo Switch owners are still gushing over Super Mario Odyssey and its expansion of Mario’s universe. However, Mario fanatics can still find time to obsess over the big questions posed…

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