SNES Classic Features Shown Off in Nostalgic New Ad – Includes Rewind Ability (VIDEO)

SNES Classic Features Shown Off in Nostalgic New Ad – Includes Rewind Ability (VIDEO)

The SNES Classic Edition has not even been released and the retro microconsole has already sold out nearly everywhere on the web. The system’s wide appeal among gamers is likely…

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Nintendo Switch Outsold

July US Sales Data Shows Nintendo Switch Outsold PS4 and Xbox One

Ever since the relatively smaller sales numbers of the Wii U, Nintendo hoped that their new hybrid console might be the fresh idea to put their hardware sales back on…

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Lawsuit Filed Against Nintendo for the Switch’s Tablet and Removable Joy-Con Design

The Nintendo Switch has been on the up and up since its launch back in March. With hits such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart…

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Indie Hack and Slash Adventure Game ‘Severed’ Comes to the Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

Severed, the critically-acclaimed and well-received hack-and-slash adventure game is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Known for its fun, bright yet macabre style as well as the combat and gameplay mechanics,…

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New Samus Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL Announced – We Have A Mighty Need!

Samas Aran’s time to shine is now! Nintendo announced that she would be getting her very own limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL to celebrate when the game Metroid: Samus Returns…

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SNES Classic Edition Pre-Ordering

Nintendo Confirms SNES Classic Edition Pre-Ordering For Later This Month

Nintendo fans have been vigilantly scouting the internet for news on the availability of the SNES Classic Edition ever since the nostalgic device’s existence was confirmed by Nintendo in late…

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Monster Hunter Stories

‘Monster Hunter Stories’ Release Date for 3DS Announced (VIDEO)

Monster Hunter (MH) fans rejoice! Nintendo and Capcom have announced an official release date for the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Monster Hunter Stories. Prepare for a new kind of MH experience in the palm of your hands….

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Zelda Mod

Fan-Made Zelda Mod Bringing Multiplayer to Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is arguably one of the best games in the franchise, earning acclaim from critics and great success in the market place. Since its release, fans have…

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Metroid Amiibo

Nintendo Reveals the Metroid Amiibo Unlockables in Metroid: Samus Returns

While Samus Aran fans were certainly surprised and elated to see the announcement of the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 during the E3 Nintendo Direct this year, the sequel is still likely…

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N64 Classic

New Trademark Filing From Nintendo Possibly Points to N64 Classic

As this decade continues to push forth, more and more nostalgia from the past begins to arise. With the booming success of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console, it was only…

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