Super Mario Animated Movie

Super Mario Animated Movie Delayed By Universal Pictures

With theatrical movie releases steadily returning and finding success, it has been clear so far this year that video game movie adaptations will be a big part of that formula….

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Mass Effect Advance Wars

Mass Effect Advance Wars Mashup Reimagines Virmire On GBA (VIDEO)

As more and more video game franchises become cult hits with fandoms, the creativity of those fandoms continues to thrive and evolve. Ironically, one such evolution of those fandoms is…

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Nintendo Switch Online SEGA Genesis

All Nintendo Switch Online SEGA Genesis Games Confirmed So Far (VIDEO)

For years, Nintendo has baked two of its most beloved retro consoles (original NES and Super NES) into Nintendo Switch Online, but the introduction of the new Expansion Pack tier…

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Splatoon 3 release date

Splatoon 3 Release Date Announced In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Nintendo continues to see major success with their Nintendo Switch platform, with much of that success being attributed to their high-quality, but ever so approachable first-party titles. Nintendo’s Splatoon franchise…

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Mario Golf

Mario Golf 64 Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Following last month’s pile of new additions to Nintendo Switch Online, the original Mario Golf is now also confirmed to be coming to the console-based subscription service. The latest arrival…

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Breath of the Wild sequel Delay

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Sequel Delay Confirmed

As the pandemic has greatly affected many aspects of the gaming industry over the past two years, perhaps the most visible repercussion has been the delay of many major video…

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Super Nintendo World US

Super Nintendo World US Universal Studios Opening Windows Revealed

As video games have become more and more culturally recognized, their expansion into other forms of entertainment have become more utilized. While the amusement park industry has taken a hit…

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Steam Deck Switch

Steam Deck Switch Emulation Videos Shut Down By Nintendo

The gaming industry often gathers around the launch of significant new hardware, and that so far has been the case for the new Steam Deck. Valve’s long-awaited handheld device has…

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Pokemon Scarlet

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Revealed, Promises Real Open World

Just as Nintendo has carved their own quirky successful circle within the gaming industry, The Pokémon Company has cemented their own mega-popular circle within the Nintendo ecosystem. After 25 years,…

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Charlie Day

Charlie Day Wants To Star In Luigi’s Mansion Movie

Hollywood is full of video game adaptation projects these days, with one of the biggest for this year being the Super Mario Bros. animated movie being made by Universal Pictures…

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