Nintendo Switch Eshop

Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Several New Games – Here’s The Full List

Nintendo has released a new batch of games for the Nintendo Switch Eshop this past week, which should excite those looking to bulk up their game libraries. While none of…

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Adult Switch Lineup

Nintendo Looking To Add More “Adult” Games To Their Switch Lineup

For decades, Nintendo has always tried to appeal largely to a younger audience. Their intellectual properties (IP) have cemented a large enough fan base among gamers who grew up with…

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Detective Pikachu Movie

Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Begins Production Next Year

With the success of their previous animated films, and the cultural ubiquity that Pokémon Go earned the franchise last year, many have been wondering when, or even if, a live-action…

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Mario Dances Around in Live-Action Super Mario Odyssey Trailer (VIDEO)

Mario Dances Around In Live-Action Super Mario Odyssey Trailer (VIDEO)

Mario has taken up a large number of hobbies since he debuted in 1981, the former plumber having competed in fighting tournaments, go-karting races, and various party games over the…

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SNES Classic Hack Adds More Games And Other Useful Features (VIDEO)

SNES Classic Hack Adds More Games And Other Useful Features (VIDEO)

Just like their previous microconsole, Nintendo has another hardware hit on their hands with the SNES Classic Edition. It’s not hard to see why when it sports such an impressive…

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Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo

Nintendo Changes The Game With Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Unlockables

Nintendo has found great success in the toys-to-life sector of the gaming industry, with their Amiibo figures which have sold more than 10 million individual figures. The figures have given…

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Nintendo Miiverse

‘Everybody’s Message Community’ Created To Close Nintendo Miiverse With A Bang

While the Wii U proved to underperform in sales compared to Nintendo’s expectations, those that did own the device largely praised the hardware comprising the device itself, and its unique…

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star fox 2 cartridges

SNES Star Fox 2 Cartridges are Already Being Pirated (VIDEO)

The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic Edition sold out at pre-order and has been moving quickly off the shelves since its release on September 29th. The appeal of nostalgia…

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Nintendo Creators Program

Nintendo Creators Program Changes Puts Severe Restrictions on Streaming

The Nintendo Creators Program – which allows YouTube ‘Let’s Players’ to conditionally play Nintendo games under a set of guidelines – is officially undergoing some changes.  Nintendo recently changed part…

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Mario Bros Arcade

Original Mario Bros Arcade Game Arrives On Nintendo Switch eShop

While the Nintendo Switch has been well received by its ever-growing audience and has released several critically lauded software titles, one noticeable feature that has been missing from the newest…

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