Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Release Date, Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

While a lot of the Nintendo Switch’s success has been attributed to Nintendo’s strong first party titles, the console has seen significant support from third parties as well. With the Switch, Nintendo has especially held more loose control over their franchises, allowing third parties to utilize their characters. Perhaps the most significant instance of this has been the Mario + Rabbids turn-based strategy games. A sequel to the successful first game had been known to be in the works for over a year now, with little known about the project. Now, the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope release date has finally been revealed.

Nintendo released the new Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope gameplay video on their official YouTube channel, after having first premiered it during their new Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. The video confirms that the sequel’s plot will involve otherworldly invaders seeking out the energy of Sparks, which appear to be the Rabbid versions of Lumas from the Super Mario Odyssey series. Gameplay of the sequel is then shown, confirming the first game’s turn-based strategy will continue.

Sparks of Hope

One new feature is the ability for players to freely move about the map (within range) before attacking, without the previous game’s grid-like system of movement. The video shows Mario and friends using new items like Bob-ombs and Rabbid Luigi’s Disruptor. The Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope trailer also provides the surprise confirmation that none other than long-time enemy Bowser will be on-hand as a party member in the new game, armed with a large cannon. The game’s logo is then revealed along with the surprise release date of October 20th later this year. There are likely to be more reveals and details before then, but for now, this should be enough to excite fans of the first Mario + Rabbids game to look forward to this one. Here’s hoping we get a Rabbid Waluigi announcement soon.

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