Two New Videos Tease Puzzles and Item Usage in Resident Evil 7 (VIDEO)

Continuing the trend of video clips, Capcom’s survival-horror game Resident Evil 7 released two new short clips yesterday showcasing some of the features revolving around puzzles.

In a clip aptly titled “Closer Look”, we can see how the in game character can pick up and examine items. In much the same way you may have done it in previous Resident Evil titles, or in other games like Tomb Raider, the analog sticks allow you to manipulate the item and examine it. In the video they also demonstrate how some items are interactive as they open the box they were examining. This may suggest some items for puzzles might be hidden in things you find laying around.

The other short video, “Imagination”, similarly demonstrates rotating objects. However the video shows what seems to be some kind of puzzle. A picture, hung on the wall, bathed in the light of a flashlight has the outline of a spider. The playable character approaches the image and begins cycling through items, each item casting a shadow over the outline of the arachnid.

If you have played the demo, some of these features may already be a little familiar. Examining objects and using them in puzzles. You may also be familiar with the unsettling atmosphere that you’re exploring and the creepy things there-in. This latest installment definitely has the creep factor set on high.

From previous trailers and videos we have seen some of the more intense sides of the game. From enemies, save spots, using herbs and weapons, and so on. If you are as excited as we are, you can rest easy knowing that the game is available for pre-order now!

We’re looking forward to what else the developers might have in store as the games release date fast approaches on January 24th, 2017. The game will be available on PS$, Xbox One, and PC, so no one will be left out of this horror fest!

What do you think about the new installment of Resident Evil so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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