Agony – Horror Game Kickstarter Project by Madmind Studio (VIDEO)

Madmind Studio and PlayWay have launched a Kickstarter on a new horror project titled Agony. Watching the trailer here from their official Kickstarter – it is, in the best way possible, an assault on the senses. Agony will be a first-person survival game, where the main character is a “tormented soul…without any memories about his past.”

In order to escape the depths of hell, the player must seek out the “Red Goddess” for an answer.

The trailer itself is imaginative, unfiltered and unapologetic. The walls of flesh and movements of non-player characters look remarkably realistic. The spires of bone and flesh which create the surrounding world are impressively designed. The classic ideas of demonic entities brought to life – the languid, wanton crawls of succubi and their carnal, simultaneously, cannibalistic desires (as seen at 1:20, and multiple points in the trailer).

There are large demons that wander, seeking out dwellers for cruel enjoyment. As seen in the official game play – the main character witnesses these instances as they occur. In Agony, when attempting to bypass particular demons, the player must hold their breath to hide their presence. Of course, there is a limit to how long. The player also has the ability to control the minds of simple demons and influence the paths of NPCs.

It is imperative that the player avoid these demons if they wish to survive.

Based on the official game play and trailer, I presume it will have a play style similar to that of Amnesia: the Dark Descent. And more than likely, the developers may encourage players to use a headset for a more immersive experience.

It is apparent that the developers of PlayWay and Madmind Studio are heading an ambitious project, but the visual teasers make them stand out. According to their Kickstarter, they are composed of seasoned developers. They reassure prospective investors that their cumulative experience with AAA projects (i.e. The Witcher 3 and The Division) will result in a game that will not disappoint.

The trailers and Madmind’s developing history are compelling, especially for those anticipating a new and refreshing horror title. Madmind Studio and PlayWay hope to raise $66,666 CAD (Canadian Dollars) by the 10th of December. This is the equivalent is $49,727 USD (United States Dollars).

Madmind Studio estimates Agony’s release in 2017. As of now, a timeline has not been specified.

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