The Witcher Netflix Series Script Leaks As Fans Rush To Decode It

Netflix’s Witcher series has been fairly quiet for some time, long enough that fans are beginning to get anxious with anticipation for the upcoming show. This has led some to grasp at straws trying to come up with any information concerning the series. Now a new leak has been discovered, however deciphering it has proven to be a challenging task.

The leak comes by way of the Netflix Witcher subreddit sharing a script from the upcoming series. Unfortunately the script is quite blurry, leaving most of it nearly illegible though some words have been deciphered and been written over in red as seen below:

Many words from the script has been figured out, please help us to find the rest!
byu/shikate innetflixwitcher

The deciphered text wad added in the comments from the OP to better give fans an idea of what was being said. Still, the words that have been discovered are few and far between leaving the entire set up still without a whole lot of context. As another user mentions however, finding the names of the characters within the script would make a huge difference in understanding what’s going on with the scene and how to fill in the blanks:

You’re a hundred ___ sight, are ___ but if a ___ that ___ thing when happens is ___

___ around, eyeing the ___ with uncertainty.

Aye, it sells ___

___ Hey, ___

You’re saying they believe that there’s no such thing as death?

Not entirely, child. You don’t sell a ___ thing as you ___ of she sold. For ___ the ___ of life or death are ___ in gold are merely ways of reading between lines.


___ with ___ the pack of ___ to the city.

In the foreground could lie ___ he stands and ___ he is supply, his curiosity rising. He turns back to his mother, ___

The series is still without a release date but assuming the cast and crew runs into no devastating problems, the show is mentioned to be arriving later this year. Can you decipher the blurry text from the supposed script? Let us know your thoughts on the leaked script for the Netflix Witcher series and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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