Valve Aims its Ban Hammer at Gambling Team Fortress 2 Accounts

Last year, Valve’s latest iteration in their Counter Strike series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, was ground zero for multiple gambling scandals involving real money trading for in-game cosmetic variances to…

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Steam Update

New Steam Update Makes Life Easier – Use Any Controller With New Update

Everyone loves a good Steam update, right? Bugs get fixed, features get added, and it’s usually a good time for all. What’s not to love? The latest Steam update has added…

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Gabe Newell AMA Header

Valve’s Gabe Newell AMA RECAP – Source 2, Left 4 Dead, VR, and More

It was confirmed earlier this week that there would be a Gabe Newell AMA on Reddit, leaving many people excited and hanging around the subreddit waiting to hear from our lord…

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Gabe Newell Hosting Reddit AMA Tomorrow

Gabe Newell, also known as Gaben, is one of the founding fathers, and president, of Valve. Steam is the biggest gaming platform out there, allowing people to keep all their…

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Portal - Apple II

Crafty Coder Recreates Portal on an Apple II and it is Awesome! (VIDEO)

When a blast from the past intrudes on the present, some flee for their lives, while others embrace the nostalgia like a warm blanket on a cool winter night. Assistant…

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Half Life 3 Header

Half Life 3 Reportedly Could Have Been An RTS

The Half Life series is one of the biggest game series of all time. The first title released was one of the most polished 3D gaming experiences in 1998. It…

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A Smissmas Celebration for All Team Fortress Fans!

We’re just two days away from Christmas and developers all over have been launching some really cool content for their fans in holiday fashion. Not in the least, is Valve’s…

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Steam Holiday Sale Takes Sales Damage With Unexpected Site Outage [UPDATED]

At some point on the morning of December 23, Valve’s PC gaming platform, Steam, went offline. This is especially detrimental right now, as the Steam Holiday Sale, typically the company’s…

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Finalists Announced for the 2016 Steam Awards

The Steam Selection Committee has been out since November sifting through the 15 million nominations to find the best picks for the 2016 Steam Awards. Although it has been a great…

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Valve to Pay Up to $3 Million in Penalties to ACCC

In 2014, charges were filed against Valve in court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Claims were made that Valve’s Steam Subscriber Agreement, and Refund Policy, were misleading…

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