Steam Awards 2020 winners

Steam Awards 2020 Winners Revealed

With the arrival of a new year, it means a new slate is upon us in terms of video games coming out. It also means that it is time to…

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Steam Winter Sale 2020

Steam Winter Sale 2020 Is Now Live, Here Are The Best Deals

The holiday season is here once more, and the glorious capitalism binge still holds strong, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. While much of the gaming community on PC is currently…

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Titanfall Arrives On Steam, But Fans Aren’t Feeling It (VIDEO)

The original Titanfall released over six years ago, but the title has nonetheless remained popular for its unique and fluid mech-assisted gameplay. While the title endures as a widely-playable experience…

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The Outer Worlds Review Round-Up

The Outer Worlds Coming To Steam Later This Month (VIDEO)

The Outer Worlds is finally launching on Steam and that means traveling to the furthest edge of the galaxy to save the Halcyon colony from destruction. Obsidian Entertainment returned to…

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Steam Top Selling Games 2019

Steam Digital Tabletop Fest Happening Later This Month

You might not be able to enjoy the cozy feel of tabletop games in person, but for a few games there’s always the option to play digitally! Steam is holding…

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runescape jagex steam

RuneScape Is Coming To Steam Next Month

After 17 long years of browser-based gaming, Jagex finally shut down the classic RuneScape servers everyone knew and loved in 2018. Despite the tragic news, that didn’t spell the end…

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Half-Life 2 Opening Remake Half-Life Alyx VR

Half-Life 2 Opening Being Remade in Half-Life: Alyx (VIDEO)

The opening moments of Half-Life 2 may be the most memorable in all of gaming, especially for that era of video games. That said, with technology being what it is…

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left 4 dead 2 the last stand

Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Update Release Date Announced (VIDEO)

It’s been years since Valve has touched Left 4 Dead 2 and it was only last month that they teased a brand new update coming to the well-loved zombie game….

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Left 4 Dead 2 Update 2020

Left 4 Dead 2 Receives First Major Update In Years (VIDEO)

Steam, for a while at least, essentially became the destination for games on PC, which resulted in Valve’s iconic game franchises unfortunately remaining on the shelf for the better part…

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Fall Guys Is Adding A New Skin From Portal 2

Fall Guys Is Adding A New Skin From Portal 2

Fall Guys has absolutely taken off since the game’s release, providing an enjoyable, fun, and altogether wholesome experience for casuals and hardcore gamers alike. Given the title’s popularity, it was…

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