Half Life 3 Reportedly Could Have Been An RTS

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The Half Life series is one of the biggest game series of all time. The first title released was one of the most polished 3D gaming experiences in 1998. It was a huge hit, and the sequal that was released in 2004  was years ahead of its time. Fans have been begging for a third release, and many theories have been shared about the release of Half Life 3. Crowbar Collective has even been working on remaking the series with an upgraded engine to tide people over. Needless to say, if Half Life 3 ever sees the light of day, there will no doubt be high expectations that will need to be met.

In a recent episode of Game Informer Podcast, Andrew Reiner states that he spoke to a Valve employee who confirmed that Valve was working on making Half Life 3 an RTS game. There were reportedly several prototypes in the works, one of which was an RTS. This would have been a huge shake up to the series, going from being the godfather of First Person Shooters to a Real Time Strategy game.

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Reiner also revealed that Valve was contemplating hiring real actors for a new kind of action-adventure game – possibly being Command and Conquer style cutscenes, or a more advanced Night Trap style game. Regardless, it seems like fans will have to wait (possibly forever) for a third installment of the series – back to the drawing boards for the conspiracy theorists in all of us.

What do you think about Half Life 3 being an RTS? Would it have been a good move? Maybe you just want Half Life 3 to be released already? Comment below and tell us how you feel about it. Also, did you know that Half Life 2 is now on the Xbox Ones Backwards Compatibility Program, along with a whole heap of games?

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