Watch as One Aperture Scientist Escapes the Homicidal G.L.A.D.O.S. in Live Action Portal Fan Film (VIDEO)

Portal: Survive

If you are a fan of the Portal series by Valve, then you should be familiar with the general events that take place deep in the underground vaults of Aperture Science Laboratories. A few dedicated fans decided to take it upon themselves to re-narrate the events that take place between Portal and Portal 2 through a live action short film, and I must say it is very well done. Directed by Colin and Connor McGuire, Portal: Survive follows two separate events detailing the homicidal actions of rogue AI GLaDOS.

The events of the first game in the Portal franchise follows an Aperture Science test subject named Chell, as she is initially run through a series of tests utilizing a ‘Hand-held Portal Device,’ or a “Portal Gun” as it is commonly referred to. Once realizing that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) running the tests is homicidal and is in fact trying to kill her, Chell eventually finds a way to make a harrowing escape and believably destroys the murderous AI GLaDOS on her way out.

Portal 2, for those of you who are not familiar, follows the events of Chell’s second escape from Aperture Science while trying to survive yet another menacing AI threat. Portal 2: Lab Rat is a comic bridging the space between the events of Portal where Chell supposedly escapes the clutches of GLaDOS, and the events of Portal 2 where we discover she in fact did not escape but was dragged back into the underground labyrinth of Aperture Science Laboratories by a “Party Escort Bot.” Portal 2: Lab Rat follows the journey of Aperture Scientist  Doug Rattmann as he evades being terminated by GLaDOS’ neuro-toxin attack and eventually attempts to correct a situation that he feels responsible for by covertly trying to assist in Chell’s escape.

Portal: Survive is a live action representation of Chell’s escape from the incinerator and turning point in the first Portal game. Combine that with the story of how one Aperture Scientist by the name of Doug Rattmann escaped the lethal neuro-toxin originally released by GLaDOS to kill off all the humans in Aperture Science’s labs. The film is amazingly well done with beautiful accuracy of both story and technology. This short film is most definitely worth the time if you are a fan of the Portal franchise. Check it out!

Wow, that’s some amazing recreation happening. As a live action fan film, Portal: Survive definitely takes the cake, pun intended. We have to say this film is quite impressive in every sense of the word. As a fan of Portal, it’s truly awesome to see these events happen in live action. Are you guys also crazy Portal fans? If so what did you think? As always we would love to hear your opinion so hit us up in the comments section below, and if you’re not a monster give us a follow on Twitter to keep up to speed on all the latest data collections from the realm of gaming news. Until next time remember, the cake is a lie!

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