Star Wars 1313 Designer Comments On Cancelled Game – Being a Creator is a “Constant Battle”

Star Wars 1313 Designer

While most of the new Star Wars projects initiated by The Walt Disney Company since their acquisition of Lucasfilm a few years ago have been generally well-received, one of the downsides of these new galactic stories have been the cancellation of several projects that were in the works at the time of the acquisition. One of the more disappointing cancellations was the ending of development for Star Wars 1313, a darker LucasArts game than those previous. Now, the Star Wars 1313 designer has provided a bit more insight on the short-lived project’s development:

Matthias Worch, the Star Wars 1313 designer, has posted a series of tweets on his official Twitter account in response to his recent detailing of the process for the cancelled game in the newly published book Blood, Sweat & Pixels. The game was likely going to focus on bounty hunter Boba Fett’s quest on the 1,313th level of city-planet Coruscant for a bounty target placed by Jabba the Hutt. The game was unceremoniously ended after Walt Disney closed down LucasArts and shifted video game development to licensed parties. Worch describes the experience as hectic, not just because of his personal stresses from having a then-pregnant wife, but also given the uncertain nature of the acquisition, saying:

However, even with an unpredictable future, Worch and the rest of the development team stayed inspired about 1313 and persisted with their passionate work until LucasArts was shut down. Worch afterwards went on to work for Hanger 13 and Take Two on the game Mafia 3. It’s not often canceled projects like this have this much insight into the process and how it ultimately ended. It’s good to see Worch talking about it openly and, hopefully, EA brings some of the team’s work on 1313 to fruition in the future.

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