Pokémon Go Buddy

Pokémon Go Buddy Update Revealed With Tear-Inducing Commercial (VIDEO)

A quick look back at 2019 will show that it was a great year for Pokémon fans. Pokémon ventured for the first time into live action with Detective Pikachu releasing…

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Pokémon Shield Launch

Pokémon Sword and Shield Launch Officially Bestselling Launch In Franchise History

Pokémon Sword and Shield has been in the hands of gamers for a month now, and while the weeks leading up to the launch had some controversy surrounding them, fans…

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Pokémon Rocklove Jewelry Is Perfect For Saying “I Choose You”

Pokémon Rocklove Jewelry Is Perfect For Saying “I Choose You”

Pokémon fans are feeling a hefty amount of anticipation this week for the newest entry in the game series, Pokémon Sword and Shield. Pokémon has undoubtedly become one of the…

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Pokemon: Let's GO

Pokemon: Let’s GO Is Giving Players A Chance To Receive Free Mewtwo

While there are plenty of artificially created Pokemon out there, few have the power and history that Mewtwo has. The creature was originally created due to some terrible gene-splicing experiments…

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Pokemon Battle Systems

Pokemon Sword And Shield Almost Made Massive Changes To The Battle System

For Pokemon fans eagerly waiting to capture a new generation of beloved pocket monsters, the wait is nearly over as Pokemon Sword and Shield arrive next month. The Pokemon Company…

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Galarian Ponyta Form Revealed For Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield are little more than a month away from being within Nintendo Switch owners’ grasp. The game is promising to be the next big step forward for…

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Pokémon GO Ditto Is Disguising Itself As These Pokémon (VIDEO)

Pokémon GO’s Ditto Is Disguising Itself As These Pokémon (VIDEO)

After over three years, Niantic’s AR title Pokémon GO is still as popular as ever, the game not only sporting a sizeable user base, but also a growing roster of…

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Pokemon Go Adds Over 40 Generation 5 Pokemon

As Pokemon Go players head into the third ultra bonus week of September, Niantic and company are excited to add a whole new shipment of pocket monsters. Gradually revealing each…

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Teases New Pokemon With Glitched Image

Pokemon Sword and Shield is merely two months away from release and that’s definitely way too long of a wait! Despite the waves of information released to the public on…

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pokemon anime

Pokemon Teases New Season For Animated Series, Will Feature All Regions (VIDEO)

Pokemon announced a short trailer to tease the next season of the Pokemon animated television series. So far, fans and viewers watched as the Pokemon Company followed the sometimes perilous…

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