Pokémon 25: The Album Will Feature Katy Perry, J Balvin and Post Malone (VIDEO)

With 2021 being the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, The Pokemon Company has sought to celebrate the occasion in several ways. Aside from the announcement and release of several new Pokemon games throughout the year, the pocket monsters have been branching out into other media and merchandise, including a Levi’s clothing line and a McDonald’s Happy Meal tie-in that drew in kids and scalpers alike. The most recent and somewhat bizarre tie-in happened this past weekend, with a virtual Post Malone concert taking place in the Pokemon world. Now, it has been confirmed that Post Malone will be a part of a new Pokemon 25 album releasing later this year.


As reported by Rolling Stone, the virtual Post Malone concert held this past weekend has been released on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. After performing a sample of his greatest hits, the end title cards announce the official Pokemon 25 album. Post Malone’s involvement has already been confirmed to be his cover of Hootie and the Blowfish’s “Only Wanna Be With You”, which he performed during the virtual concert.

Pokemon 25 The Album

The end title cards also confirmed that J Balvin and Katy Perry would each contribute an original song to the Pokemon 25 album, along with additional artists to be revealed at a later date. Katy Perry had been previously announced as an ambassador for the 25th anniversary, though how she would be involved was not known until now. J Balvin’s song will reportedly be in Spanish and embody his signature Reggaeton style. As he has stated about his song, “It’s easy to make a Pokémon song if you just want that fan base, but we’re not close-minded. We want everybody to vibe with Pokémon.” The 14-track album will arrive some time this fall, and if the Post Malone virtual concert proved anything, it’s that Pikachu and friends know how to use VIBE and make it super effective.

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