Levi’s Pokémon Clothing Line Features Misty Cosplay (VIDEO)

Levi's Pokemon

The Pokémon franchise has flourished over the years, and now as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, it shows no signs of slowing down. The iconic brand has branched out beyond its video game and trading card roots, having had successful forays on television, film, and merchandise. Some of the most well-received merchandise crossovers have included official Original Stitch face masks and a line of Pokémon RockLove jewelry. Levi Strauss & Co., known for its jeans, have introduced lines featuring popular pop culture brands like Star Wars in recent years, and now they have unveiled a new Levi’s Pokémon clothing line.

Levi's PokemonLevi’s has announced the new Levi’s Pokémon clothing line on its official website. The iconic jean brand team-up with The Pokémon Company is set to feature Pokémon characters and elements on traditional Levi’s clothing products. Most of the items utilize Levi’s signature denim, including jeans and denim jackets. Featured Pokémon elements are pulled from the first generation era of the anime series, with Pikachu being the obvious focus on most of the line. Some other Gen-1 Pokémon like Gengar, Jigglypuff, and Charmander appear on jackets and hoodies.

Also represented in the Levi’s Pokémon collection are trainers Ash and Misty, as they appeared in the first generation of the anime. A particular highlight sees several items, that when combined, recreate Misty’s popular look, consisting of a yellow tanktop with Togepi on it and a pair of denim shorts with red suspenders. There are even some fun accessories like Pikachu socks and a hat meant to resemble one of Ash’s trainer baseball hats. This is the perfect line for Pokémon fans that want some fashionable high-quality clothing to celebrate their fandom. The full line of clothing drops on February 15th, and Pokémon fans definitely gotta catch ’em all.

What do you guys think about the new Levi’s Pokémon clothing line? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Pokémon news, such as the large Pokémon Gengar pillow that swallows the user’s face, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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