Elon Musk Was Wario In A Weird SNL Sketch (VIDEO)

Elon Musk Wario

As late-stage capitalism continues its growth in the industrialized west, the rise of prominent billionaires both financially and culturally has only increased in recent years. One such well-known billionaire is Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, who is now the third richest person in the world. Musk is quite ubiquitous for his innovative technology, as well his meme-friendly and geek culture-referencing personality. The CEO has been often seen with tangential involvement and interaction with video game franchises like Cyberpunk 2077 and Borderlands. Now, Musk has continued this trend in a recent appearance on SNL, with a bizarre new sketch featuring Musk as Super Mario’s evil variant, Wario.

Saturday Night Live posted the unusual sketch from the long-running comedy series’ latest episode on its official YouTube channel. The sketch begins as a serious courtroom drama, but is quickly revealed to be a trial for the murder of Mario from Super Mario Bros. With brother Luigi as a witness, long-time villain Wario is accused of murdering his protagonist benefactor, with Elon Musk portraying the portly fellow. When Wario approaches the stand, reference to both the villain’s theme music and even his entry on the fan-made Super Mario wiki is used as evidence in the case. There is even a cameo of Waluigi, portrayed by Kate McKinnon.


Turning the case towards Luigi, Elon Musk as Wario turns suspicions of Mario’s murder towards Luigi, accusing him of having an affair with Princess Peach against Mario’s knowledge. Here, we get a cameo by Musk’s real-life partner Grimes as the Nintendo royalty. As Luigi is about to throw a deadly red shell at Wario, cast member Pete Davidson cameos as New York governor Andrew Cuomo to break the fourth wall, revealing this whole scenario is actually a part of a PSA for anti-Italian American defamation.

While referencing the Italian stereotypes the Mario Bros. inhabit, this strange turn of events also slyly acknowledges the real-world defamation troubles governor Cuomo is claiming as a defense from harassment allegations. Musk has made his affinity for gaming known before and with this new appearance on SNL, he also took that fandom onto America’s most beloved comedy stage. Still, it would be nice for Musk and his billionaire buddies to be hit by the blue shell of higher tax rates.

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