Super Nintendo World US Universal Studios Opening Windows Revealed

Super Nintendo World US

As video games have become more and more culturally recognized, their expansion into other forms of entertainment have become more utilized. While the amusement park industry has taken a hit the past few years, pop culture brands still hold an amusement park theme has a peak goal to reach. Such has been the case for Nintendo, which last year saw the long-awaited launch of their Super Nintendo World theme park open in Universal Studios Japan. Many have wondered though if and when such a park might come to the United States. Well, it seems that the Super Nintendo World US parks may not be as far away as many had thought.

Sites like have reported on the new announcements made by Universal and Nintendo to celebrate March 10th, 2022, or Mario Day as it has been heralded in recent years. To add to this year’s festivities, Universal felt it timely to announce that the first of the Super Nintendo World US locations will open in 2023 at the Universal Studios Hollywood park. To help prepare fans and Universal Studios guests, the Feature Presentation store at the park will soon by selling Nintendo merchandise, including that which specifically shows mention of the Super Nintendo World park.

Super Nintendo World Opening

Separate from the Universal Studios Hollywood announcement, Universal also confirmed that the second Super Nintendo World US location will open in Universal Studios Orlando some time in 2025. This park was originally scheduled to launch in 2023, but delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic stalled progress on those plans. Fans so far seem to be enjoying the Super Nintendo World park in Japan, and hopefully these US locations will translate well for a Western audience. Between that and the Super Mario movie coming later this year, it’s the perfect time for everyone to get up and Do The Mario!

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