Fan Accidentally Receives Nintendo Switch Early, Posts UI Video – Watch it Here (VIDEO)

Nintendo Switch Early

As Nintendo lovers eagerly await the release of the new Nintendo Switch console by scratching the walls in their holding cells of patience, most fans still have yet to see the system’s menus in action outside of the big Switch event earlier this year, despite seeing other important aspects of the console’s inner workings such as the accidental glimpse of the developer menu in a Portuguese commercial. One lucky fan however not only received the favor of the universe by accidentally receiving the Nintendo Switch early, but was also keen to share the experience that is the Switch’s startup process and menus online.

A video coming from Hiphoptherobot’s channel on VidMe, which details the process that a Switch owner will engage in when first starting up their Nintendo Switch unit while in portable mode. After selecting the various startup options, this owner also shows the various menus that the Switch will display, starting with the home menu. We are shown that the icons at the bottom of the Home screen can lead to News, eShop, Photo Album, Controllers, Settings and Power menus/functions. The news function did not seem to have much information available other than various facts about the console and the eShop required an update that the user did not have, both possibly due to the updates for these not being available yet considering that the console has not officially launched yet. This video also reveals that while the device will have 32 GB of memory built in, only 25.9 GB will be free once the console is active. We also now know that the system UI’s defauly White background with dark text in front can be switched to a black background with white text for less brightness.

Hiphoptherobot also has a NEOGaf forum profile in which he explains that his selected retailer that sent his Nintendo Switch early must have done so by accident, and says he will not share which retailer that is specifically “in fear of getting the store that shipped it early in trouble with Nintendo”. He has also posted other photos of his device and has answered various questions about his findings as well. What do you guys think? Are you jealous of this fan who received his Nintendo Switch early? What questions about the system do you want to see answered before the Switch’s official launch? Let us know in the comments below!

Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Nintendo Switch news, such as the limited Splatoon 2 testfire coming to the Switch in March and the German commercial that shows the device being played on a toilet, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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