Custom Bowsette Amiibo

Custom Bowsette Amiibo Is Loving Tribute To Fan Art Creation and Memes

Sometimes the internet can be a beautiful place, and other times it can be a den of palpable horrors. Depending on who you ask, this moment can qualify as either…

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This Mario Chomp Lamp Will Light Up Any Nintendo Fan’s Life, Available Now

If you’re like me, you dig having some of your favourite franchises surrounding your IRL home. Whether it be replicas or collectibles, it’s nice to experience your favourite gaming moments…

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Voice Actor Charles Martinet

Super Mario Voice Actor Plays Himself In Runner3

While his name may not be as commonly seen as much as the likes of Troy Baker and Nolan North, Charles Martinet is certainly one of the most important voice…

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New Swimwear Line Offers Super Mario, Star Trek, Zelda, And More Geeky Glory

Even though many of us are experiencing the winter that won’t freaking end, that doesn’t mean that warmer days aren’t on the horizon. Or maybe you’re one of the fortunate…

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Jumping Super Mario Lamp Back In Stock, Because Nostalgia

I’m not going to lie, when this Super Mario lamp first came out – I bought one instantly (you can see my image of it on my desk below), and…

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Jeff Goldblum Impersonates

Jeff Goldblum Impersonates Characters from Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Other Video Games (VIDEO)

Jeff Goldblum has been a perennial favorite obsession for the internet for quite a while now, but actions from him in recent months have only increased his favor with web…

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Super Mario Encyclopedia Reveals Limited Edition Version, Now Available For Pre-Order

We’ve previously covered that Dark Horse was teaming up with Nintendo to bring the ultimate compendium of knowledge to Super Mario fans via an awesome new encyclopedia, but what you…

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Super Mario Encyclopedia Is The Ultimate Guide To The Mushroom Kingdom

Following the announcement of the nostalgically satisfying Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia late last year, book publisher Dark Horse is now setting their compilation sights on Super Mario‘s Mushroom Kingdom. Covering…

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Odyssey Balloon Mode

Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Mode Has Already Been Ruined (VIDEO)

Super Mario Odyssey has been a huge hit with Nintendo Switch owners (some of us included), and fans of the famous mustached brothers’ most recent outing have been eager to try…

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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Interested In Adding More Downloadable Content

Super Mario Odyssey is a game to be enjoyed by all ages, and it’s brought fun to children, families, and even competitive speedrunners who can’t wait to undress Mario. Yes, you…

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