Nintendo Switch Longer Battery

New Nintendo Switch Featuring Longer Battery Life Announced

The Nintendo Switch has been a dominant force in gaming ever since it launched, bringing the joys of a home console together with a portable device. Ever since then, fans…

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Nintendo Switch Lite Nintendo Switch Data Transfer

Nintendo Switch Users Will Be Able To Transfer Data To Lite Devices

Nintendo has officially unveiled their first spin-off device in the Nintendo Switch family, and with its arrival set for just a couple of months from now, fans will begin to…

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Limited Edition Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed

Nintendo took the internet by storm this week with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The new handheld-only version of their hybrid home/portable console comes favorably to many gamers…

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Nintendo Switch Lite Console Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

Nintendo Switch Lite Console Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

For months now, a new variant of the Nintendo Switch has been rumored to be in the works, one that would provide gamers a more on-the-go experience akin to the…

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