Fallout 76 Modding

Fallout 76: Modding Is Coming, But “It’s Going To Take A While”

One thing that Bethesda’s titles are well known for is the extensive mod support. The community for such activities is vibrant and full of impressive improvements and glorious memes. That…

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GTA V Magneto Mod

GTA V Magneto Mod Bends The World To Your Will (VIDEO)

As long as Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to be one of the most popular games in modern history, it will also continue to be a crown jewel of the…

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Skyrim Mod “The Island” Turns The RPG Into A Survival Game

Skyrim is a vast land filled with places to explore and secrets to uncover. From snow covered peaks, to mystical underground caverns. While there’s a strong sense of wonder and…

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Fallout 4: New Vegas Update Shows Off The More Subtle Modern Touches

Fallout 4: New Vegas is an incredibly ambitious fan project that is so good, even Bethesda approves! We’ve been following this particular endeavor for quite some time now – and…

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Fallout 4: New Vegas Fan Project Shares Latest Update, Skill Magazines First Look

If you’re like us, you’re anxiously awaiting the release of Fallout 76 to see all of the new things the team over at Bethesda are experimenting with regarding a beloved…

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Xbox mod

Xbox Mod Support Might Be Happening With ‘Xbox Community Content’

Gaming may present oodles of fun on its own, but modding has granted players unending means to alter these experiences in creative and often hilarious ways. This method of customization…

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 May Allow Modding, According To Treyarch

Mods are a wonderful thing for PC gamers, giving players pretty much the ultimate opportunity to create the game they want to play. It can have something to do with…

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Fallout New Vegas Prequel

Fallout New Vegas Prequel Mod Begins Beta Phase After 9 Years

The Fallout franchise is certainly one of the game series that gamers would most identify as a staple with the modding community. Bethesda’s takes on the post-apocalyptic series have attracted…

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Fallout 4: New Vegas Actively Looking For Voice Actors, You Can Apply Here!

Fallout 4: New Vegas is an incredibly passionate fan project that brings the best of Fallout: New Vegas into the most recent installment from Bethesda. It’s so impressive that we’ve…

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Battlefront II EA Reddit

Star Wars Battlefront II EA Reddit Comment Now A Loot Box Skin Mod

The Star Wars Battlefront II loot box controversy has been well known to most people aware of gaming news. The biggest interaction between EA and fans upset about the microtransactions…

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