Superman Arrives in World Of Warcraft

Up in the sky, is that a bird? A plane? Nope, it’s a World of Warcraft player who dressed his character as the indomitable Superman. Player Manofsteel decided that instead of his normal garb, the in-game avatar would wear what could only be the recognizable tights of the Defender of Earth.

MMO players often associate closely with their online avatars and Manofsteel decided that the real world Halloween mandated an online Superman, despite the fact that most of the citizens of the online community don’t need saving.


Many have attempted to create their own versions of Superman  by altering character garb, but most agree that Manofsteel nailed the recent movie staring Henry Cavill. Meanwhile, others have also taken up the mantle, dressing their corresponding digital personas as super heroes too! With Wonder Woman coming to the big screen, many are attempting to perfect her costume as well.

World of Warcraft

Regardless of that fact that WoW is at 12, (almost 13) years old,  the game continues to garner newcomers and fans. Boasting a framework for the most solid massively multiplayer game ever created, many companies have attempted to catch the lightning in the bottle that is Blizzard’s success. Many have begun to wonder how long a single game can continue to run.

Will we see others come to form a Justice League with the Manofsteel? Will you answer the call? Strap on your tights and let us know how you feel about the Halloween costume in the comments below!

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