Fan Mods Super Mario Odyssey Into Super Mario 64 (VIDEO)

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey ran in a similar vein to the iconic Super Mario 64, with a 3D world that took players to different and very unique locales. It’s easy to imagine modders taking the older game and placing it into the newer more advanced title but what about the other way around? One fan is taking the time to use the old skool graphics of Super Mario 64 and the modern day abilities of Super Mario Odyssey to create a strange and wonderful hybrid between the two.

Super Mario 64’s graphics and mechanics may not necessarily stand up to the test of time in terms of quality but there is something to be said for the unique way the game played. A talented modder by the name of Kaze Emanuar has taken the look and feel of the classic 3D Mario title and added new ways to interact with the world taken straight from Super Mario Odyssey such as the hero’s snazzy new hat moves. While continuing to use graphics similar to the older title, the modder released a short preview showing off the Sand Kingdom level featured in Super Mario Odyssey that features the same enemies, hidden areas, and more that were found in the recent Super Mario game.

The combination between the two games is still in the works but when finished will contain 240 of the 300 Moons players are able to acquire. Kaze Emanuar has crafted quite a few examples mods using Nintendo properties such as Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda that can be seen on his YouTube channel, including another preview of this Mario Odyssey 64 mod taking players to the Cascade Kingdom.

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