New Street Fighter Transformers Toy Line Revealed – Coming Next Year

While the original Street Fighter game was a success when it released in the late 1980s, it was Street Fighter II that made the series a cultural phenomenon. The game’s one on one fighting mechanics were made simple enough for anyone to approach, and brought friends together in glorious, swift combat. For many that grew up in the 90s, Street Fighter characters are as fondly remembered as the Transformers are to the generation growing up in the 1980s. Now, these two touchstones of their respective decades are now being brought together with a new line of Street Fighter Transformers toys.


Fan site Allspark has shared images of the newly revealed crossover collectibles. Each figure is a redecorated version of recent Transformers figures from the Thrilling 30 and Titans Return sub-lines of Transformers: Generations. The first pair of figures are Chun-Li, modeled after the Thrilling 30 version of Arcee, and the Titans Return version of Hot Rod redesigned as Ken. Both of these figures fully reconstruct into cars, and are going to be sold together in a two-pack for 8,640 yen (77 in USD).

The second pair of figures being sold in a two-pack includes Ryu, modeled after the Titans Return version of Optimus Prime, and Vega (as he is known in Japan; American Street Fighter fans know him as M. Bison) modeled after the Titans Return version of Megatron, naturally. These two figures are special, as they both can transform from their robotic forms into two different vehicles.

Given these extra transformations, the two-pack is being sold at a higher price of  12,960 yen (115 USD). There’s no word yet if any of these figures will be available in the States, but collectors can easily find a way to import them. Plus, there is always hope an announcement to bring them to the U.S. can happen next year.

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