Star Wars Battlefront II Squad System Debut Date Announced, But Future Seasons Unlikely

Star Wars Battlefront II Squads

Has Star Wars Battlefront II finally turned the corner? I ask myself that question every time I discuss the game or read a Community Transmission from EA DICE. I can’t recall the last time all Battlefront news was good news, and today is no exception.

Early this morning, community manager Ben Walke posted details on the upcoming Squad System. This system should make matchmaking with your fellow Rebels or Imperials much easier and quicker. Players can spawn directly beside their squad mates in Galactic Assault and Strike, and 2v2 modes create private matches between squads. It’s nearly identical to the Squad System EA DICE will employ in Battlefield V, so consider this their test case. The Squad System patch goes live on September 25.

On Twitter, Walke also mentioned that an updated roadmap should arrive at the end of the month. I would imagine that it will detail some concrete dates rather than vague release points, and possibly a new Sentinel class Enforcer. All of this should provide players with plenty of optimism for the future of Battlefront II. However, very quietly, EA DICE made a move that will dishearten much of its fanbase.

The Star Wars Battlefront II homepage used to display a section specifically for seasons. Players should remember that the game previously held two season events corresponding to Star Wars films for The Last Jedi and Solo. Fans eagerly anticipated that the third season would correspond with the Clone Wars 10 year anniversary. Turns out they were half right. The next few batches of content does indeed focus on the epic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists. However, it won’t be a full season as EA DICE removed the tab from the website.

This may seem like small potatoes as players are still receiving content, but it carries a larger implication. Seasons tend to include a set amount of content, meaning players know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. By removing the section, EA DICE is essentially telling players they can release as much—or, as reflected by the content drought, as little—as they please. It reduces expectations, giving the team a much lower bar to hop over. Considering how many players have left Star Wars Battlefront II, that feels like a really poor decision. Taking away content rarely builds customer loyalty. Players shouldn’t expect any more content than EA DICE feels obliged to put out.

Want a new patch? Lose some hero levels. How about some free crates? They’re DICE’s go-to apology. Desire new clone trooper skins? Gotta crush some dreams first. Nothing can ever just be a straightforward win with Star Wars Battlefront II. That’s been true since day one, but the fact that these issues continue is simply baffling. I’m excited to try out the new Squad System as practice for Battlefield V, but EA DICE wins zero points for cutting out the promised Clone Wars Season. 

Are you excited for the new Squad System? How do you feel about the cutting of seasons? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter and Facebook for more gaming news and updates!

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