Star Wars Battlefront II Squads

Star Wars Battlefront II Squad System Debut Date Announced, But Future Seasons Unlikely

Has Star Wars Battlefront II finally turned the corner? I ask myself that question every time I discuss the game or read a Community Transmission from EA DICE. I can’t…

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Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Corps

Star Wars Battlefront II PR Nightmare Continues With Accidental Droideka Screenshot

Last week, Star Wars Battlefront II created some controversy. No, not about loot boxes, unfixed bugs, removed heroes, or lost player progress—an entirely new controversy. And it all began with…

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Battlefront II Palpatine

Battlefront II Patch Brings Back Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Battlefront II finally fixed one of its most glaring issues to date this week. The August patch brought the return of the previously-broken Emperor Palpatine to the beleaguered…

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Gets 4K Support With Xbox One X Summer Update

With DICE shifting their focus to the release of Battlefield V in October it’s a bit surprising to discover that they’re giving Battlefield 1 a visual update. With Xbox One…

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Battlefield V

Battlefield V Gets New Progression System – EA Admits To Past Mistakes

In a financial conference call for Electronic Art’s analysts and investors, the monetization plans and other details involving Battlefield V were discussed. The news may be the first sigh of…

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The Ultimate Guide To Battlefront II Hero Ship Star Cards

I still play a ton of Star Wars Battlefront II. Yes, I’ve been as frustrated as anybody with the controversies, the bugs, and the radio silence. I understand the doubts,…

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Star Wars Battlefront II Roadmap Finally Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront II fans may be among the most patient in all of gaming. They stuck with the beleaguered title through loot box fails, patch glitches, and a huge…

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Star Wars Battlefront II Releases Solo Season Part 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

DICE recently released the trailer for the second half of Star Wars Battlefront II’s Solo Season. Players have been desperate for new content and, following the latest patch issues, are…

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EA Loses Player Levels In Latest Battlefront II Patch

DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II has run into another snag in a long history of controversy, with its latest patch leveling down some players’ characters by as much as ten…

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Battlefront II Buzz

Battlefront II Buzz Lightyear Mod Brings The Space Ranger To A Galaxy Far, Far Away (VIDEO)

Despite having a community somewhat not as concentrated on its PC version, Star Wars Battlefront II has been able to attract the modding community in surprising ways. In response to…

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