Spider-Man PS4 Almost Excluded Miles Morales, Says Insomniac Games

Spider-Man PS4 Miles Morales

Spider-Man PS4 allows players to meet nearly all of their favorite characters in the Spiderverse. The Sinister Six take center stage, but Kingpin, Norman Osborn, and other baddies make appearances as well. Mary Jane Watson is a playable character, while Stan Lee makes another glorious cameo. But one character nearly missed the cut: Miles Morales Spider-Man super fan and eventual Peter Parker successor. Fortunately, some creative decisions helped give the future web slinger extra screen time.

In an interview with GameSpot, Creative Director Bryan Intihar discussed Morales’ appearance in the smash hit. Insomniac Games had planned on including Morales in the game. However, their initial decision only included him in a teaser at the end of the game. Insomniac’s multitude of easter eggs bring plenty of joy (or heartbreak), but Insomniac decided Morales deserved more than a quick mention. In the final product, Morales plays a major role in Parker’s adventure. In fact, he, like Mary Jane, is a playable character. Intihar broke down how they came to the decision to expand the character’s role in Spider-Man PS4.

“When we started developing the first story, he really wasn’t there until a post-credits scene… He was gonna be watching the events of what happened in the game on a computer, and someone said ‘Miles’ or something like that… I had read the Miles comics over the years, but then I was kinda like, ‘let me read them, again’… I said, ‘is there any way we can put him more in there?’ And we talked a lot about making this a very unique Spider-Man universe. Like the familiar with the fresh.”

I for one appreciate Intihar and Insomniac’s decision from multiple standpoints. First, it shows that they paid great detail to the characters that matter in the universe. Morales has grown into one of the more popular characters in Spider-Man lore. Second, adding Morales sets up all sorts of potential for the inevitable sequel, given the game’s immense popularity. And third, it shows the team didn’t simply craft a story and stand by it. They examined where they could add and subtract turned the game into a sensational superhero title. Intihar’s comments prove that Insomniac worked to make this game the best Spider-Man experience possible.

Spider-Man PS4 is now available for the PlayStation 4.

Are you happy about the inclusion of Miles Morales? Do you think a potential sequel will let players step into his shoes more often? Let us know in the comments! For more gaming news and updates, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter and Facebook!

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