Spider-Man PS4 Brings Back The Horrifying Boat People of PlayStation 2

Spider-Man PS4 Boat People

After months of anticipation, Spider-Man PS4 dropped last week and floored fans (and fellow devs) everywhere.  Its gallery of villains provides endless challenges for aspiring web slingers. Stan Lee makes his standard scene stealing cameo. And both the graphics and the gameplay show off Sony’s full power, despite some earlier concerns.

Well, most of the time, anyway.

Insomniac Games inserted an easter egg into Spider-Man PS4 that shows just how far technology has come. Back in Spider-Man 2—the former best non-Arkham superhero game—players could meet the Boat People. Those monstrosities, low detail models commonly added to save money, resided on the Hudson River. Thankfully, Treyarch kept the demons far enough away that players had to really try to get up close and personal in Spider-Man 2. Only the bravest of souls ever met the Boat People.

As you may have deduced, Insomniac wanted a new generation of players to carry the nightmares of their predecessors. Behold true horror:

Spider-Man PS4 Boat People Spider-Man PS4 Boat People 2

That looks worse than Treyarch’s did on the PlayStation 1! Insomniac clearly made these characters as low quality as possible intentionally. If you’re going to put a bunch of horrifying demons into your game, you may as well go all out. That’s the only way to collect players’ souls, after all!

In all honesty, this is one of the funniest easter eggs I’ve ever seen. It’s becoming harder and harder to choose, however. CD Projekt Red continues to provide excellent easter eggs on a consistent basis (does that make the company an easter bunny?). God of War delivered on their promise for a basketful of easter eggs. And players continue to find new easter eggs in games that most of us put into storage. Subtle winks at series fans add dashes of flavor to games and maintain customer loyalty. Tip of the hat to Insomniac for acknowledging their roots and the Spidey fans that helped them get here.

Spider-Man PS4 is out now for PlayStation 4, obviously. If you’re a Spider-man zealot, Sony offers a Pro Bundle just for you.

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