‘Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’ Is The Rad Prequel To ‘Rebel Galaxy’ With Major Upgrades (VIDEO)

Double Damage Games released Rebel Galaxy back in 2015 to positive reviews.  The game was hailed for its freeform exploration style similar to games like Freelancer but was also criticized for being too repetitive with its combat and lack of variety in what the player can do.  Well, it seems that Double Damage heard these critiques and the release of the trailer for its next game in the franchise, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, looks absolutely fantastic.

For starters, combat looks like it’s been reworked entirely to show a cockpit view for the player and feature starfighter-focused combat rather than large ship combat.  You’ll have access to new features like the “Auto-Pursuit” function that will match the speed of your targets so you can focus on lining up your shots just right. There are also seven radio stations that can add some personality to your dogfights and exploring. Genres ranging from southern rock, emo, classic orchestral space music, and even talk shows will be available for your listening pleasure.

Players will be put into the role of Juno Markev, an up and comer outlaw looking to get by despite all the politicking and other boring things that won’t interest her.  You aren’t out to save the galaxy in this game, you are looking to make your mark as one of the most respected pilots around.  You’ll receive both main and side quests from the scummiest dive bars across the galaxy, talk to shady characters that will pay highly for your service, and even gamble while you take a little shore leave.

Players can wager Credits or even ship parts in games like Dice Poker or 8 Ball, depending on the stakes.  All in all, this game looks like the Han Solo simulator you’ve always wanted, sans furry companion.

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