Spider-Gwen Cosplay Brings The ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Character To Life

Spider-Gwen Cosplay Brings The Into the Spider-Verse Character To Life

While perhaps not as big a box office draw as Sony had hoped, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse certainly won over critics and die-hard Marvel fans alike. The film is winning animated film awards left and right, and the characters it brought to the big screen for the first time ever have become quite popular with fans. Fans are celebrating Miles Morales by visualizing his outfit in the new Spider-Man game on PS4, and now one fan has declared her love of Gwen Stacy (aka Spider-Gwen aka Gwanda) in the hallowed nerd tradition of cosplay. This new Spider-Gwen cosplay will definitely be your new sunflower.


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Instagram user Shirogane_sama has shared photos of her new Spider-Gwen cosplay on her official Instagram account. Her cosplay faithfully recreates Gwen Stacy’s suit and look from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Not only is the costume accurate, but Shirogane also took the extra step of commitment by cutting her hair to replicate the assymetrical style that Gwen sports in the animated film, after getting Miles’s webbing stuck in her hair.


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The cosplayer also sports a facial piercing like Gwen does in the film. Some clever after effects can also be seen, such as a speech bubble that references the “Hey” exchange between Miles and his uncle Aaron in the film that has become something of a meme. This is quite a splendid cosplay to witness, and hopefully Shirogane shows off her cosplay on the con scene, so she can unite with other members of the Spider-verse. Imagine her Gwen facing off against Spider-Ham.

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