Apex Legends and Marvel’s Spider-Man Collide With This Web Shooter Mod

Apex Legends

It’s only been two weeks since the launch of Apex Legends, and it has already become one of the biggest video game hits of 2019. Despite having its existence hidden until release, the battle royale experience is easily one of the most talked about titles on the web right now, with over 25 million players in on the action. While in-game modding might still be a ways off for most players, it seems that one crafty modder has made a controller that will excite comic book fans.

The devoted player in question has created a web shooter mod for Apex Legends that requires physical web-slinging motion, much akin to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

I modded a Spiderman Web-shooter Toy to play Pathfinder in Apex Legends from r/gaming

Modder ATwerkinYoshi recently shared a video of their web shooter mod creation on Reddit. It appears that they used a Spider-Man web shooter toy that normally only functions to shoot water or silly string webbing. Using a gyroscope and other components often found in standard game controllers, ATwerkinYoshi was able to convert the toy glove into a full motion-controlled gaming peripheral.

Seeing similarities between web shooting and Pathfinder’s grappling hook, the modded controller lets players launch hooks like they are Peter Parker’s webs. Making the hand motion like Spidey does with the controller lets the player swing from webs like the superhero himself in the game.

The glove also lets players use motion to look around the Apex world, but the controller still needs a traditional keyboard to move and shoot standard weapons. While ATwerkinYoshi has not made this mod publicly available, he is working on adapting the controller to work where it naturally should go next, last year’s beloved Spider-Man game on PS4. This is quite a creative project, and it shows just how inspiring a sudden hit like Apex Legends can be to the modding community. Excelsior, indeed.

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