Sims 4 Vampire Pack Promising Eternal Fun (VIDEO)

Sims 4 Vampire

If luxurious dining, relaxing spa breaks, camping, and the whole host of other packs available isn’t enough to make you shout “Kooj” in excitement, maybe this new pack will. A Sims 4 Vampire pack is on its way January 24th and the trailer is promising some pretty rad add-ons. Check them out in the video below!

Nothing about the features of this new addition suck at all (vampire puns, we’ve got jokes). Players can expect to be able to customize their sim to otherworldly effect with skin tones only the undead possess, glowing and sunken eyes, and new outfits to up the creepy factor. On top of this your new vampire sim will have some pretty rad vampire powers to make them the powerful supernatural beast you’ve always wanted.

Sims 4 vampire pack also includes a new world dubbed “Forgotten Hollow”. This world will feature longer nights, creepy fog, dead plants and a whole host of atmospheric additions to really set the mood. Included as well is a lot trait that will allow vampires to visit your Sim’s house. This new pack has us ready to tell our own vampire adventure!

Sims 4 Vampire


Decor in the Sims 4 vampire pack looks like a clash of worlds. Imagine being able to build a house that looks like Adams Family, Interview With the Vampire, and Nosferatu all had a creepy house baby. The baby grows up to be a house though, not just a baby in a house. That’s weird. Stop being weird. The official Sims site had this to say about building:

We wanted this to feel like a centuries-old neighborhood with history and secrets, so there’s also some great Build & Buy Mode objects to help you create your perfect Vampire home.”

This new addition doesn’t have a set price yet, but most of the packs run about $20. It’d be a safe bet to assume that you’d pay about as much for the Sims 4 Vampire Expansion. For fans looking for the next big thing in Sims, you may look no further than this!

Excited for the Sims 4 Vampire pack? Join in on the discussion in the comment section below and tell us all of your deepest, darkest secrets. Or your thoughts on vampires in SIMS, your call.

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