Red Dead Redemption 2’s Release Date Leaked – One Retailer Messed Up

We first reported when promotional materials started popping up for one of the most highly anticipated sequels coming in 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2. Though the materials themselves pointed at a Fall of 2017 time frame, they did not give us specifics  for when fans of the series could expect to dive back into the world of Red Dead. Though nothing has officially been confirmed, we now have evidence showcasing a potential hard release date. Date a look:

The screenshot above comes courtesy of the fan site for the upcoming title, RDR2. Looks like the retailer Littlewoods goofed up big time when they didn’t get the memo that hard release dates that are unannounced should be kept under-wraps. Bad for business but so, so good for fans. The post is still up, which originally suggested an October 2nd release date. Since then, it has been changed to a December 29th date, which is interesting and against Rockstar’s original confirmation that it was slated for a Fall release. No word yet if the retailer was told by Rockstar to take it down or not. The listing is also available for its Xbox One counterpart, as well, as seen below:

The internet went wild when we were teased with tiny images that were vague but instantly recognizable to fans. Then when the official teaser trailer dropped confirming all of our hopes, it’s safe to say that the gaming collective lost their damn minds.

Rockstar knows what they are doing and they are keeping specifics around this western tale under wraps. Smart – it keeps the hype rolling because they know we want it, without giving false expectations like titles in the past that resulted in disastrous public critic. Good move, Rockstar, good move.

The title, as seen above, is slated for a Fall-ish release date (potentially December, unless Littlewoods is now just messing with us) for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We likely won’t see this title on PC, but gamers can dream, can’t they?

Let us know your thoughts the Red Dead franchise in the comment section below. Do you think this series is overrated, or are you with us and jumping up and down in anticipation? Let us know and don’t forget to keep a tab open with DFTG as we keep you updated on everything you need to know in the gaming world.

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