Hitman 3 April Content Roadmap Details Season of Greed

Hitman 3 April

Several big games have been released in recent months, with one of the biggest being Hitman 3. Agent 47 begins a new chapter in his long career as a Hitman, now as developer IO Interactive simultaneously embarks on its first foray as a self-publisher. The initial base game was well received by audience and critics alike, and IO Interactive made sure that players know that the story will not end there. With seven new DLC updates coming as a Seven Deadly Sins DLC series, the game is far from over. Now, the Hitman 3 April content roadmap has been revealed, detailing the Season of Greed.

IO Interactive has detailed the Hitman 3 April content roadmap with a new tweet on its official Twitter account. Each of the seven new DLC updates will focus on a theme modeled after one of the seven deadly sins of religious lore, with the first sin of focus being greed. The April content brings players to the lavish city of Dubai for a 3-stage Escalation called The Greed Enumeration. In this mode, players are meant to seek out as many coins as they possibly can with the hopes they can afford to purchase the golden suit outfit for the Season of Greed.

Hitman 3 April content

Among the featured contracts coming in April are the Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter, both of which will also feature a “greed” theme. Among the Elusive Targets being added, The Collector will be in Dartmoor from April 9th through the 19th, and The Politician will be in Hawke’s Bay from April 23rd through May 3rd. There is also an Escalation called ‘The Jinzhen Incident’ happening on April 29th in Chongqing. All this will occur from now until May 10th, which will end the season of Greed and begin the next season of sin theme. This Hitman 3 April content roadmap shows IO Interactive’s commitment to the game and gives its fans plenty of material to keep even the biggest gaming Gluttons occupied for the next several months.

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