‘Shadow Wars’ Endgame Mission-Type Detailed for Shadow of War – New LotR Link (VIDEO)

Shadow Wars

Once a game’s story has been completed, many titles allow the player to finish grabbing collectibles they may have missed, continue exploring, and more.  Middle-Earth Shadow of War is bringing on a new incentive for total game completion by adding a few exciting Lord of the Ring references such as various lore collectibles and a new endgame mission type called Shadow Wars.

Shadow Wars

The details have been explained as an alteration to the mission type of the main game, Fortress Assault. Rather than attacking the various fortresses within the game, players will be tasked with defending them against Sauron’s forces instead. The assaults will be split into multiple stages and will become more difficult as progress is made through each one.

Talion will need to hold various capture points within the fortress being attacked at the time, while the enemy attacks in multiple waves. The waves will be more organic, allowing the possibility for multiple hordes of enemies coming in at once making for a worthy challenge. If the fortress is successfully defended, it will remain under the player’s control. However if the player is killed and the fortress is taken, things get a little more interesting. Players will be tasked with saving the former Overlord of the region and retake the lost fortress from the Nemesis now in charge.

After all the stages have been completed for the game’s endgame content, players will be rewarded with the “true” ending for the game which will lead into the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Let us know your thoughts on Shadow Wars and what the future holds for the series in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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